Acrobat PDF Training

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Interested in Acrobat Video Courses and Tutorials?

Video Courses and One to One Trainings Now Available Through:

Google Hangouts

Skype: tenmatic

Call 408-728-8203



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How to Extend Features in Adobe Reader

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If you are using Acrobat Professional and you are sharing a document with someone who just has the Adobe Reader here is a nice tip on how to unlock more features in Reader.

When you have finished creating your PDF document select the “Advanced” tab and in the drop down menu select “Extend Features in Adobe Reader.” The following features will become available for your PDF document when opened in the free Adobe Reader.

1. Save form data (for a fillable PDF form only)

2. Commenting and drawing markup tools

3.Sign and existing signature field

4. Digitally sign the document anywhere on the page (not available for XML forms; only supported in Adobe Reader 8.0 or later)

*Note: Once Reader Enabled, certain functions, such as editing document content or inserting and deleting pages will be restricted.

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How to embed video into a PDF document

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Here is a short video on how to embed video into a PDF document using Acrobat 9 Pro.

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Creating a PDF Portfolio

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Here is a short video on how to Create a PDF Portfolio using Acrobat 9 Pro.

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Creating PDFs

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Today’s blog post will show you some Tips and Tricks on creating a PDF right inside of Acrobat.

1. You can create a PDF from a file stored on your computer by simply holding down the “Ctrl key” and the “letter N key” or under the File Tab in the Acrobat program select Create PDF from file.

2. You can create a PDF from a scanner that is hooked up to your computer by again going to the “File Tab in Acrobat” and selecting “Create PDF From Scanner”. This will give you the option of creating a black & white document, grayscale document, color document, color image or a customize scan.

3. You can also create a PDF off a web page. Under the File tab select Create PDF and from the fly out menu select “From Web Page”¬† or use the keyboard shortcut by selecting and holding down the “Shift + Ctrl + O keys”

4. You can create a PDF from a 3D Capture by loading the file you want to capture in the CAD application and hit the Print Screen key to do a 3D Capture.

5. You can also create a PDF from a Blank Screen right inside of Acrobat. To do this Select Create PDF under the File menu and in the fly out menu select “From Blank Page.”

For more advanced PDF creation you can also use the Create PDF tab under the File menu to Assemble PDF Portfolios, Merge Files into a Single PDF or Batch & Create Multiple Files

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Overview of

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In today’s blog post I want to give you a brief overview on

With you can create and share documents, communicate in real time and simplify working with others. At the site you have 5 portals which are: Adobe Buzzword, Adobe ConnectNow, Create PDF, Share, File Storage.

With Adobe Buzzword you have the ability to write & collaborate on documents anywhere, anytime (think your word editor on the web) Adobe Buzzword is a new online word processor which you can create & print documents, collaborate with only the people you choose and you can access your documents from anywhere as it operates inside your web browser. Adobe Buzzwords is free.

With Adobe ConnectNow you can meet live over the web and share your screen with anyone. Share your ideas complete projects together all online. With ConnectNow you can reduce your travel costs while saving time and increasing productivity. One feature that is available that I highly recommend you to try is the remote control. This is where you can take control of another meetings participants desktop with their permission. This is useful for collaborative work as well as technical support. Other features include video conferencing, Integrated audio choices (VoIP) and chat pods. Adobe ConnectNow is free.

With Create PDF you have the ability to convert up to five files to Adobe PDF online. Create PDF documents from your existing files in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other applications.

With My Files you can store your files online for easy access from anywhere. provides a file sharing portal to help you easily organize all of the files you want to share online. You can store Microsoft Word files, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files and images and its free.

With Share provides online file sharing where you can send files to others for easy access while you maintain control and its free.

To get started using and all of its features go to and sign up to get your Adobe ID and your personal URL address. If you are interested in seeing a demo of and all its features please send me an email.

*Some of the verbage for this blog post was found at

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See What Acrobat Can Do

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Adobe in conjunction with ESPN has created a great interactive PDF form in relation to the NCAA Basketball tournament. The Acrobat 9 interactive PDF allows fans to get the latest NCAA tournament news downloaded to their desktops dynamically which in turn offers fans a new way to experience the tournament.

With the interactive PDF form you can complete or view the updated tourney challenge bracket, view video spotlights on all the teams and get the latest news all in a single PDF file.

To get the ultimate interactive PDF tourney guide click here.

*Blog verbage created from help off of the Adobe home page.

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Updated: Security Updates available for Adobe Reader 8 and Acrobat 8

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This current security update can also be found at

As a followup to last weeks security update Acrobat 9 Adobe has just released the updates for Adobe Acrobat 8 and Acrobat 7 to fix critical vulnerabilities. These updates resolve the issue from Security Advisory APSA09-01 and Security Bulletin APSB09-03.

Users who have previously updated to Adobe Reader 9.1 and Acrobat 9.1 for Windows and Macintosh need not take any action. Adobe now plans to make available Adobe Reader 9.1 and Adobe Reader 8.1.4 for Unix by March 24th.

If you or any of your customers have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Adobe Reader
Adobe recommends Adobe Reader users update to Adobe Reader 9.1 available here:

Users with Adobe Reader 7.0 through 8.1.3 who can’t update to Adobe Reader 9.1 should update to Adobe Reader 8.1.4 or Adobe Reader 7.1.1 available from one of the following links:

Acrobat 8
Adobe recommends Acrobat 8 users on Windows update to Acrobat 8.1.4 available here:

Adobe recommends Acrobat 8 users on Macintosh update to Acrobat 8.1.4 available here:

Adobe recommends Acrobat 3D Version 8 users on Windows update to Acrobat 3D Version 8.1.4 available here:

Acrobat 7
Adobe recommends Acrobat 7 users on Windows update to Acrobat 7.1.1 available here:

Adobe recommends Acrobat 7 users on Macintosh update to Acrobat 7.1.1 available here:

Adobe recommends Acrobat 3D Version 7 users on Windows update to Acrobat 3D Version 7.1.1 available here:

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Simplify Form Creation with Acrobat 9

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Creating electronic forms with Acrobat 9 is easy. With just a few clicks you can create a form that virtually anyone can fill in and save electronically.

  • You can track your forms and see when they’ve been completed.
  • You can export the form information to a spreadsheet…it’s that simple.

With Acrobat 9 you don’t have to be a designer to create the forms you need. Acrobat 9 gives you a range of tools for simplified form creation so you can convert simple static forms to interactive forms and create dynamic forms that change with users input all in a few clicks.

Customize your forms instantly with text fields, check boxes and drop down menus.

Electronic form creation is fast and simple. Easily create fillable PDF forms from scans, existing PDF files, text documents or spreadsheets.

The Form Wizard and Form Tracker make it easy to create, distribute and track forms. You can sort and filter the responses and quickly export data to spreadsheets for analysis and reporting.

Enable users of the free Adobe Reader software to fill in and save forms locally (for ad-hoc form distribution and data collection for up to 500 people). By extending Acrobat functionality to Acrobat Reader users you can invite virtually anyone to participate in the workflows you initiate.

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Acrobat & Text Recognition

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Tips and Tricks for using Acrobat.

Did you know that you can use Acrobat for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) conversions? OCR is the mechanical or electronic translation of images of handwritten, typewritten or printed text (usually captured by a scanner) into machine-editable text.

To setup your document for OCR:

1. Select the document tab in Acrobat

2. Drop down to the OCR Text Recognition

3. Select the pull out menu Recognize Text Using OCR

4. With the Recognize Text box displayed select the “Edit” button

5. In the Recognize Text – Settings box go to the PDF Output Style and select “Clear Scan”

By using the format “Clear Scan” technology¬† your scanned document or bitmapped image is discarded and replaced with “searchable text and graphics”.

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